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So, you’re probably wondering what an AIS is? Well, it means Automatic Identification System and is primarily used on boats and ships. It supplements the radar in tracking nearby ships and tracking where your ship is. It works by electronically exchanging information with other nearby ships, as well as base stations and satellites. When a satellite is involved, AIS becomes S-AIS or satellite automatic identification system.

Although radar is still the number one way to avoid ship crashes, AIS certainly holds its own in ship and maritime asset tracking. It is required by government bodies to be installed in ships that are more than 300 gross tonnage as well as all passenger ships no matter what the size.

The information that AIS provides are position, speed, course, and unique identification. This can all be displayed on the AIS screen. This handy equipment helps maritime authorities track who’s who in the waters, and track the movements of ships.

AIS is an integration of GPS and a VHF transceiver, as well as gyrocompasses and rate of turn indicators.

Because of AIS, maritime authorities can distinguish right away between vessels. This is due in large part of the unique identification system and the satellite tracking system it possesses.

Its applications ranges from collision avoidance to fleet and cargo tracking. Because of this device, you can be assured your assets are safe.

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