Intro to Automatic Identification System

So, what is AIS? It’s an automatic tracking system that is used by ships and on ships and by vessel traffic services or VTS.

AIS is used to enable vessels to see each other more clearly in all conditions. It is used to aid in navigation, as well as search and rescue, and let’s not forget, maritime security.

There are legal requirements in the possession of such a device in ships. All passenger ships must have it.

Leisure vessels may also avail of this. It will allow you to be seen and to see other ships.

It transmits your position to all AIS equipped vessels automatically. It also displays information from all classes A and B equipped vessels around you.

It also gives you additional safety at night and with poor visibility.

There is also an option for an AIS receiver. It picks up information on Class A and B fitted vessels but it does not transmit their own position.